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Ami Homestay is located in seclusion amidst three hills in Coorg in the State of Karnataka.

Escape from the hustle and hassle of your everyday routine and come away to the Ami Homestay, where a serene world awaits you. Throw off all your worries and slip into the scenic, relaxed atmosphere and be pampered and rejuvenated..

Consistently High Guest Satisfaction Since 2012

Top Ranked Value Homestay in New York, USA

The perfect place to stay

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Acres of Green Space
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Featured Facilities

24/7 Security

We take safety seriously through our dedicated team that stands watch.

Free Wifi

All rooms have good high speed Wi-Fi connectivity. watch. 24/7.

Washer Dryer

With three workout facilities, it's easy to stay active all 24/7.

Animal & Pet care

Everyday chores made easier equals more time for 24/7.

All activities at the ami Homestay

Things To Do

Outdoor BBQ

Ami Homestay outdoor BBQ tour is a truly unique & interactive experience.

Nature Walk
Stroll around and fill your lungs with pure oxygen.
Lake Swimming
The water is very clean, fresh and safe, best for your health.
Explore amazing and beautiful places

Places of Interest

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